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December 31, 2007

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Seems like Sony is watching my Blog

August 8, 2006

I had written a post about people having an alternate life a few days back. And today Sony introduced a new product named Mylo which stands for “My Life Online”.  Take a look at this sleek product here.

This product is designed for people who use instant messaging as a primary form of communication and networking for their social life. It lets you use instant messaging, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails and view photos concurrently.

New Feature added(Updates by Email)

August 3, 2006

Don’t have time to visit the blog everyday. Don’t worry. Have the new articles delivered to you by mail. To subscribe to the blog click on the link “Subscribe this blog” and enter your e-mail ID in the next screen. After confirmation you will receive all new updates by e-mail. 🙂

Profit-making in the Telecom Domain

August 3, 2006

Recently the telecom industry has come up with a lot of attractive schemes to lure consumers towards the cancer-inducing-paperweight-cum-extension-of-the-body aka cellphone. When I went to US this May we had a lot of discussion about the Revenue model of telecom companies of India Vs US. India had the benefit of directly implementing a superior technology(because of late entry), an advantage not enjoyed by US which had to frequently incurr costs in upgrading it’s cellular network to match the technology. Hence Indian telecom providers always this advantage of reduced overheads in their revenue models.
Regarding different schemes I always wondered about the profile of the people who would be designing these complicated schemes. With the urban market going towards saturation, the companies have tuned their strategies for the rural guy. Complex enough to confuse most analytical minded engineers leave alone other normal beings, there are enough schemes to meet your every requirement. A few months back I went to a shop in Gudgaon with my friend to buy his postpaid connection. The guy showed us a big booklet of schemes by Hutch and other operators. Each with a different permutation and combination of talk-times, call charges, free calls, SMS charges, STD and what not. A lot of research must have gone in designing these schemes. A lot of questions crop up. We can guess the answers but I guess the accurate answer can only be provided by these scheme designers. Any take on these questions. ?
1.) How they ensure that all these schemes turn out be profitable regardless of the number of people subscribing to each of them?
2.) What about the break-even on a particular scheme?
3.) How do companies forcast the number of users who would subscribe to a particular scheme?

With the introduction of 3G content on mobile phones the situation would even become more complex. People would then have the option to subscribe TV content, movies, songs, videos, games etc. on their mobiles which would be individually customized for each subscriber. There would then be 2 clearly divided segments of mobile users.
4.) Would the users of older phones be penalized for not using this service ? (its already happening in the US. see

Also currently Price and Value are partially disconnected. But with the introduction of policies regarding retaining the same number while changing operators, amalgation of CDMA and GSM etc. price and value will be more closely connected than ever. Operators which provide quality and reliable service may ultimately be the winners in this situation.
These are some of the questions that always occur to me and which I am able to express now thanks to this wonderful medium.

Opinions/Comments/Suggestions/Queries are welcome

Will People have an online life in the future ?

August 3, 2006

I have been spending so much time online lately, that a thought once occurred to me. “Will people in future have an online life?” Would people start living in this physical world as well as a cyber world, coexisting at both places simultaneously.Sounds scary and far-fetched, but it could be true. With significant technological progress, this may not be far behind.  Imagine people plugging into the internet  (Something like Matrix) with a unique identity and interacting virtually with people all over the world. Businesses, meetings, social parties etc. everything happening online with only a virtual presece. With the advent of Web 2.0 and the popularity of social networking sites like myspace, flickr, facebook, orkut etc..  people far off talk more frequently than the next-door-neighbours. I personally don’t know the guys living on the first floor of my apartment, but know very well my friends in Australia, UK and US.
This topic is open-ended and we know that the technology certainly is available to make this possible for a few people. But for it to integrate into the general life-stream? Well it looks quite distant now. What do u say ?

New Visitors can Chat with me directly off this blog

August 3, 2006

Now visitors on this blog can directly chat with me through Talk2Yusuf dialog on the main page( If I am online). Just update your name in “Edit Nick” so that I know to whom I am talking to 🙂

Note: I have tested it using Firefox browser where it works nicely. Not sure about Internet Explorer

My first post on the Blog..

August 2, 2006

Well… as this is my first post on my blog… Let me start by giving u all an introduction..

I am currently in Bangalore and I had thought about starting a blog a long time back.. But as they say, some things happen only when they are intended to happen.

The purpose of this blog will evolve with each post. Currently I have nothing specific in mind. But sometimes I intend it to be a platform for intellectual discussion too. 🙂